The Committee

In 2007, the Huading Awards started its journey. In the past 15 years, the Huading Awards have been held in Hollywood and many cities in China, including Beijing, Taiyuan, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Suzhou, Hong Kong, and Macau. The awards are based on the Chinese audience's opinions on talent in film, television, music, variety shows, and many other art fields. The awards show has gained honored recognition from the public audience and is colloquially named the "Global Audience Reputation Awards."

This year, Huading Awards Group Inc. officially announced "Huading Awards Sustainable Strategic Development Plan". This plan outlines that by 2023, the Huading Awards are going to be internationally competitive, on par with the scale of the Hong Kong Film Awards, and will become Asia's first-class cultural brand. Second, by 2027, the Huading Awards aim to be comparable to the Oscars and the Grammy's and become one of the most influential entertainment awards in the world. According to this plan, the Huading Awards will be the voice representing Chinese culture in entertainment.

"Cultural self-confidence is a more fundamental, deep, and lasting force in the development of a country and a nation." Like a beacon, the confident Chinese culture lights the way for the Huading Awards. After another 10 years of opening the Chinese market through policy reform, the Huading Awards will have a global reach in actively celebrating Chinese culture. Being based in Macau and looking to the world, China's entertainment awards will be more accessible to the global audience. The Huading Awards is on its journey to becoming a worldrenouned awards show.

Haige Wang

Founder and Chairman



Candidates are required to have had relevant professional work and public social activities in the previous calendar year. Candidates must be over 21 years old to be considered. Candidates must be recognizable by the global public, have a level of high popularity for outstanding performances, and demonstrate a dedication to social responsibility. Candidates will not be considered if they have violated laws.

For the first stage, 500 talent and 100 creative works are selected as the first round to be analyzed by an investigative organization.


Next, a satisfaction survey is curated from the List of celebrities and works and is used in street interviews of the Chinese public and online to aggregate the public's opinions on each


The responses from the survey stage are analyzed and compiled with responses from an internal committee of industry experts. The results of this stage will decide the winner of each award.

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