World Film Industry Conference

World Film Industry Conference Congress 2022 opened at the LOEWS Hotel in Los Angeles, with the Speaker of the California State Assembly attended the opening ceremony and delivered a welcome speech

Haige Wang, Chairman of the World Film Industry Conference, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Create a better future for Asian films and the world”. The American director Rob Minkoff, who has experience in China-US co-production and has made "The Lion King", talked about the cooperation with China. Minkoff talked about the cooperation with China, even though there is resistance, he saw that Chinese and American filmmakers still have the desire to cooperate, and audiences are still looking for interesting stories.
Hollywood producer William Mundell said he is also currently working on a co-production to be directed by director John Woo, focusing on the human interaction and friendship between China and the U.S. He remains optimistic about the future of Sino-U.S. cooperation.

The conference also released the " World Film Industry Research Report" on the same day. According to experts' predictions, by 2027, the global film market size, will reach $100 billion, film workers will exceed 10 million, and streaming media will account for more than theaters for the first time.
As the world's first offline-based large-scale international film conference this year, the annual conference received wide attention from all walks of life, with a total of over 500 registered participants (including online participation). Many of the guests attending the World Film Industry Conference were professors from well-known American film schools, Hollywood producers and directors. They include Elizabeth Daley, Dean of the USC School of Cinematic Arts; Brian Kite, Interim Dean, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television; Susan Ruskin, Dean & Executive Vice President at the American Film Institute; and Rob Minkoff, a Hollywood director; former Academy President and Hollywood film producer Bill Mechanic; Hollywood producer Omar Kaczmarczyk; Hollywood producer Frederic Golchan; Hollywood producer William Mundell; Hollywood producer Arthur Sarkissian; Chinese director Sherwood Hu; 7 Grammy Awards Winner Gordon Williams; former CEO of BBC America and M2M founder and CEO Bill Hilary; and General Manager of Artificial Intelligence Center, WFIC, Josie Liu; Frederico Lapenda, President of the Beverly Hills Film Festival Grand Jury and Tourism Ambassador by the President of Brazil; Allen Yang, Executive Director FHL Vive Center for Enhanced Reality Berkeley Defi Research Initiative and others.

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